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Eizo Coloredge CG243W LCD Monitor 24 Used and Works, with Stand

Eizo Coloredge CG243W LCD Monitor 24 Used and Works, with Stand
Eizo Coloredge CG243W LCD Monitor 24 Used and Works, with Stand
Eizo Coloredge CG243W LCD Monitor 24 Used and Works, with Stand
Eizo Coloredge CG243W LCD Monitor 24 Used and Works, with Stand
Eizo Coloredge CG243W LCD Monitor 24 Used and Works, with Stand

Eizo Coloredge CG243W LCD Monitor 24 Used and Works, with Stand
Eizo Coloredge CG243W LCD Monitor 24 Used and Works Well. ColorEdge CG243W 24.1 Widescreen LCD Display. Is a high-quality monitor, built to the stringent standards required by pre-press, digital photography, video editing, and post production applications.

The display features a 1920 x 1200 native resolution, a stunning 850:1 contrast ratio, and 270cd/m. It features DVI-I and DisplayPort inputs, both with HDCP support.

The monitor is designed for use in environments where accurate color is essential. It features factory calibrated gamma, brightness stabilization, and ColorNavigator calibration software.

Color deficiency simulation, 10-bit simultaneous display support, and 16-bit internal processing round out the impressive features of the display. Supports hardware calibration of color, allowing you to adjust settings via the monitor's internal settings so that there is no displayable loss of tone during calibration, and also helping to maintain uniform color display across several ColorEdge units.

Bundled ColorNavigator software allows you to calibrate the display with ease: simply input target values for brightness, white point, and gamma, ColorNavigator will work with a measurement device to utilize the display's look-up table (LUT) and create a custom ICC profile within minutes. Capable of reproducing 97% of the Adobe RGB color display, allowing it to display most colors in a digital photo that was captured in Adobe RGB mode. It also has an sRGB mode, which accurately reproduces all colors in the narrower, but oft-used, color space.

Sports 3 inputs for computer connectivity, 2 DVI-I and 1 DisplayPort, for universal compatibility. The DVI-I ports accept either digital or analog signals, while the DisplayPort is a next-generation digital connector that supports video and audio input.

Employs a 12-bit look-up table with a color palette of 68 billion colors. Up to 16.77 million of these colors can be displayed simultaneously when connected via DVI, and the LCD display supports a staggering 1.07 billion via DisplayPort. It uses 16-bit internal processing for smooth display of grayscale tones, without banding.

Thanks to 16-bit internal processing, dark grays will neither be banded nor washed out. The display can reproduce a high level of detail in dark areas, without the need to set the black level too high.

LCD monitors often create fluctuations in chroma and brightness on different parts of the screen. To counteract this phenomenon, EIZO uses a digital uniformity equalizer (DUE) to use the display's 12-bit LUT for 16-bit calculation of a palette of 4081 grayscale tones for each channel. This ensures a Delta-E difference of 3 or less across the screen when the display leaves the factory. To ensure that the display produces accurate and consistent color gradations, EIZO measures and sets every shade of R, G, and B from 0 to 255 on the production line using the display's 12-bit LUT, producing a monitor gamma value of 2.2. You can adjust the value from a range of 1.0 to 2.6 in increments of 0.1.

EIZO stands behind the ColorEdge's quality by including 2 verification documents with each display. One document verifies the uniformity on 25 points across the screen, while the other certifies that all 256 color tones of the gamma curve were individually adjusted at the factory. Uses a 3D LUT, developed by EIZO, which uses a single mixed-color cubic table.

This is in contrast to a typical 1D LUT, which uses a separate color table for each red, green, and blue. The 3D LUT improves additive color mixture, a combination of RGB, a key factor in the capability of displaying neutral gray tones.

Overdrive circuit reduces gray-to-gray response time to 5ms, ensuring that moving images look clean and sharp with a minimum amount of blurring and ghosting. EIZO's drift correction sensor stabilizes the display's brightness level after startup or waking from sleep. It detects and compensates for brightness changes that are caused by surrounding temperatures and the passage of time, ensuring that the display is set at the correct brightness level at all times.

The included stand lets you adjust height (3.2), tilt (40°), swivel (70°), and pivot (90°) to suit your needs. Graphic designers will appreciate the LCD's color vision deficiency simulation mode, which can simulate images as they appear to those with daltonism, as well as other varieties of color blindness. Working with both still and moving images, the simulation is excellent for those designing advertisements, signage, and instructional videos who need to make sure that the color blind can properly see their work. Graphics professionals often work in dimly lit environments, making it difficult to read a display's adjustment buttons.

The buttons on this monitor include an on-screen button guide that appears directly above the physical buttons, allowing you to more easily navigate the monitor's OSD. EIZO manufacturers its products with its own staff in its own factories, eliminating the quality control gaffes that come with outsourced production. Complies with such stringent industry standards as TCO'03 and TUV Ergonomics, ensuring a better working environment. It also sports the EIZO Eco Products 2009 label, which ensures that the product meets strict internal requirements for design, manufacturing, packaging, and usage. The item "Eizo Coloredge CG243W LCD Monitor 24 Used and Works, with Stand" is in sale since Sunday, August 11, 2019.

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  • Brand: EIZO
  • Product Line: Eizo ColorEdge
  • Screen Size: 24 in

Eizo Coloredge CG243W LCD Monitor 24 Used and Works, with Stand